Broadcast Productions

We are committed to telling our stories and producing content that promotes positive images of all creative artist, talented entertainers and especially African Americans.

Our strategy is to build on the success of the two Emmy-award winning seasons of nextTV and leverage the power of the internet and social media to establish a digital media voice that expands the our reach in spaces 

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Good News "NEWS"

Our open door policy has created tremendous opportunities for many other creative talents through advocacy, collaboration and innovation. We are a leader in building strong sustainable  communities and creating opportunities with the power to transform people's lives. Get involved today as a sponsor, participant or volunteer

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Discovering Talent Creating Skills

The filming of Emmy award-winning NextTV, a reality-styled television show that advises individuals and business owners about economic empowerment.

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Small Businesses

Viziontainment Studios’ serves a diverse population with a wide range of programs; providing technology accessibility to individuals, communities, and populations that typically would not have places accessible to use computers and communication media technologies. The objectives are to equip our neighborhoods, communities, consultants and small businesses with the media productions skills to help launch and sustain businesses in communities.

Talent recruitment

Our Broadcast Studio and Multimedia production technical suites; provides technical hands on training. The program start-ups create career employment in media production providing a community of mentors, partners, peers, developers and investors to spark innovation and create good-paying jobs.

Viziontainment Studio Services

Our program invites industry professionals to come from their studios to ours to help individuals to master the fundamentals of radio, television, and news media; which, also provides great networking opportunities.

Film Makers

Viziontainment Studio Services, Inc., designed to show and give exposure to underground talent the opportunity to reach out to a demographic base. According to the artistic view of the show, is described as shinning a positive light on all acting and musical careers rather than dwelling on negativity. Exposure, overall, gives underground acts the opportunity to promote album releases, stellar theatrical debuts, film productions and discovering talents throughout Chicago Urban neighborhoods/communities and Northwest Indiana region.

Our Target demographic audience consist of both male and female, of all races including African Americans, Latinos, and other nationalities.

The psycho-graphics of audience consist of the age groups from 18 years of age and up. They are into all kinds of music genres such as film writers, producers, camera person, Audio/Video engineers, including Hip-hop, R&B artist. The audience includes those that have the passion and drive of becoming a part of the behind the scene developers’ competitive market that is the entertainment business.  


The programs described in this action plan will teach individuals how to produce, writer, camera video-grapher, engineering, new media, and assisting media job placement opportunities.

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News highlights

Viziontainment Studios’ demonstration project based on a visual communications interactive curriculum and job-readiness component that will spur the creation of 60-200 employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for under resourced individuals in the Chicago and south suburban area.

Church Productions 

Lights, Camera & ACTION!

Entrepreneurial Training, 

Career Development, 

Employment Opportunities

Our programs are technology based training project, that will enable unemployed individuals achieve an employable status. This program will provide communications for companies to promote and advance the development of launching a Visual Studio concept training programs & business solutions center.

Visual studio Concepts

Development launch business solutions

NextTV program(s) are Urban Broadcasting media productions television film training production  used for the purpose of improving participants’ employ-ability and capacity for long term job retention. The quality training will release motivation, encouragement, communications skills and ambition, hence, encompass productivity in the work place.

 Vizions’ project purpose is also training programs will serve the difficult to place, out of work population; the displaced dislocated worker.

Visual Media-Training 

Visual communications


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